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JEE (Main) AIR-407 (GEN)

Kritin Gupta
DLP Roll No.: 22601334

The test series is very similar to actual papers. Gave me a lot of confidence n insight. Specially mathematics questions are really good. Test series helped me look into my weak topics. Topic wise test questions really helped me up my preparation. Full syllabus tests r really good.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-939

Ayush Bit
DLP Roll No.: 22609798

I bought resonance dlp in mid of class 12. Resonance modules are the best modules i have seen so far. Resonance test series was moderate according to me and the doubt system is also good. Overall this dlp course was beneficial to me.

JEE (Main) AIR-1002

Abhay Roy
DLP Roll No.: 22603626

Taking reso Test series proved to be a good step I have taken.First of all..... the chapterwise tests have helped a lot to test myself in a given chapter... and then ofcourse all india tests that were conducted once in a 2 week give a proper idea of where i stand. Also, test Qs were directed towards concept in a whole, it has helped me a lot.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-1742 | JEE (Main) AIR-2939

Ameen Aazam
DLP Roll No.: 21602989

It has been a really good journey with Resonance for me. I found the test series of DLP to be very relevant for jee mains and adv. After the test the interface instantly shows the result along with the comparison to the class and also marks the weak points. I think this feature is really helpful. The regular tests have helped me a lot to score a good percentile in jee mains and I convey my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Resonance.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-1981 | JEE (Main) AIR-1358

Sumedha Krishna
DLP Roll No.: 19602013

Resonance material and test series is very helpful for preparation and practice of topics. It has helped me to prepare effectively for JEE.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-26816

Gaurav Ghosh
DLP Roll No.: 21600795

Resonance Dlp has helped me a lot in my jee preparation It was best resource for iit jee. So I would like to thank the resonance team for providing me this wonderful books Resonance DLPD course has help me a lot securing a good percentile in my jee mains 1st attempt.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-13937 | JEE (Main) AIR-11411

Shreesha Sharma k
DLP Roll No.: 22604594

Hello team Resonance I am Shreesha Sharma from Karnataka. I am from rural area. I thank you Resonance for their books . Because of those books I got 99.03 percentile in JEE Mains examination and could clear JEE Advanced. The test series offered by Resonance was very helpful for me. Because of those books I could enter into NITK Surathkal. So I thank you from the bottom of my hearts. I will recommend Resonance books to my juniors. Thank you

JEE (Adv.) AIR-21398 | JEE (Main) AIR-23762

Nitya Shukla
DLP Roll No.: 22606927

Resonance test series are very helpful in JEE maines as well as JEE advance. Also, I strongly recommend that every student should study from this test series.Thankyou team resonance.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-18 (GEN)

DLP Roll No.: 18622050

I learnt many elegant and short means of doing certain questions. The questions spanned the entire range of topics very well, and the balance of hard and easy questions was well maintained. The doubt redressal forums on the website as well as with the staff proved to be very helpful to me.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-42 (GEN) | JEE (Main) AIR-29 (GEN)

DLP Roll No.: 17607804

DLP study material helps me to improve my skill to solve the problems easily. Online exam helps me to make familiar to present mode of online exam of JEE (Main+ Advanced).

JEE (Adv.) AIR-98 (GEN)

DLP Roll No.: 18606936

DLPs have been quite useful. The Topic wise tests helped me strengthen my weak points, and have resulted in the achievement of a decent score in the entrance examinations.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-48 (GEN) | JEE (Main) AIR-42 (GEN)

DLP Roll No.: 18617593

Very good quality questions, sufficient no. of problems for practice, blend of easy to moderate to tough difficulty level problems. Real exam environment based preparation for the JEE Exams.

JEE (Main) AIR-60 (GEN)

DLP Roll No.: 17628322

Resonance DLPD was very helpful to me. I solved past years papers and also all India test series. They were very helpful. The books had sufficient theories and many questions to back up and conceptualize the theories. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-61 (GEN) | JEE (Main) AIR-83 (GEN)

DLP Roll No.: 17616859

The study material provided by Resonance is good enough for the preparation. It helps me a lot for getting success with AIR 61 in IITJEE advance 2019 & AIR 83 in IIT JEE Main 2019.

AIR-1 (SC/ST) in KVPY SX-Stream 2018

Deep Majumder
DLP Roll No.: 17623431

Physics, chemistry and math topics were covered very nicely. It was very much effective for KVPY (SX) preparation. The online mock test papers were also very useful. They gave an idea about the actual preparation. The interview booklet (The Insight) was also very good. That is why I could get AIR 16 in (Gen.)

AIR-14 (GEN) in KVPY SA-Stream 2018

Jyotiraditya Mishra
DLP Roll No.: 18612457

It was a comprehensive and complete package which really helped me to secure AIR14. It is highly organized especially last few years analysis was extremely helpful. Delivery of the materials was always on time. Thought provoking problems, especially in physics. I liked most. Most of my friends also were enrolled in this, and we could discuss many topics.

AIR-14 (GEN) in KVPY SX-Stream 2018

Arka Das
DLP Roll No.: 18623318

The test series helped me. Also, the interview booklet for KVPY helped me. The JEE Mains pattern test series helped me. The JEE advanced pattern test series helped me. The additional JEE Mains test series helped me. The solutions given at the end of each tests helped me. The questions of the test series helped me. The solutions of the test series helped me. The AIR given at the end of each tests with no. of students appeared at that test helped me.

AIR-33 (GEN) in KVPY SX-Stream 2018

Snehinh Sen
DLP Roll No.: 18606936

The Exam Series (Part Tests and FSTs) have really helped me in securing a decent score in the written round. Moreover, the Interview Booklet helped me gear up and prepare both academically and aesthetically.

AIR-38 (SC/ST) in KVPY SA-Stream 2018

Ujjwal Basumatary
DLP Roll No.: 18617261

Resonance study material helped me to revise during last minute prep and also got me enough problems to practice during the preparation. Resonance study material is enough to crack KVPY with a good score.

AIR-45 (SC/ST) in KVPY SA-Stream 2018

Maitreya Haldar
DLP Roll No.: 18611404

It was quite useful and the chapter wise analysis helped me a lot. The interview booklet was very useful. The questions asked in the interview were mostly similar. The chapter wise analysis was also helpful.

AIR-61 (GEN) in KVPY SX-Stream 2018

Akshat Gupta
DLP Roll No.: 17616859

Standard of study material provided is upto mark. It helps me a lot in the success. Because of this, study material provided by Resonance, it makes me possible to secure AIR 61 in KVPY.

AIR-84 (SC/ST) in KVPY SA-Stream 2018

Aman Raj
DLP Roll No.: 17634548

Past year questions and problems helped me a lot moreover the experience shared by other participants is most important. That especially provides better confidence in front of the interview panel. The material needs to incorporate past year KVPY Aptitude Test questions, which I found missing.

AIR-95 (SC/ST) in KVPY SA-Stream 2018

Prakriti Barua
DLP Roll No.: 14655778

At a remote place like Agartala, the study material that i received from Resonance helped me a lot in my preparation. However i feel that details of standard answer for a given examination like KVPY or AIEEE (Advanced) may be worked out for the benefit of the students. A probable set of questions may be supplied to the students at the end of each chapter.

AIR-95 (GEN) in KVPY SX-Stream 2018

Kartik Sharma
DLP Roll No.: 18612922

The material had some great questions which motivates you to increase your thinking capacity and bend your knowledge to solve them. The material provided was of great use to me and also an efficient and effective way to prepare for KVPY exam.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-32 (GEN) | JEE (Main) AIR-46 (GEN)

Reso Roll No.: 16109992

The Resonance Distance Learning Programme was of tremendous help to me in achieving my goal. The questions provided helped me revise all the topics thoroughly and the tests helped me assess my concepts. The tests also helped me to get a national level ranking which motivated me to work harder.

JEE (Main) AIR-12 (GEN) | JEE (Adv.) AIR-35 (GEN)

Reso Roll No.: 16661848

The test series is extremely useful and of high standards required to prepare for IIT advance & IIT Main. Thanks a lot Resonance team for designing such a high quality program which helped me to secure a high rank in both IIT Main and IIT Advance.

JEE (Main) AIR-37 (GEN) | JEE (Adv.) AIR-168 (GEN)

Reso Roll No.: 17607487

Resonance dlp were very good and very much concise and up to the JEE level. Test series contained good and quality questions. Books had good quality questions to practice with varying levels of difficulty, very helpful for JEE.

JEE (Adv.) AIR-66 (GEN) | JEE (Main) AIR-204 (GEN)

Reso Roll No.:17617189

Resonance AITS covered many tricky problems which were challenging to solve in given time frame, this helped me to improve my accuracy and speed. AITS also facilitated online examination which helped me in practicing for online pattern and also the results were displayed immediately.

JEE (Main) AIR-98 (GEN)

Reso Roll No.:17616984

Resonance DLP has help helped me a lot in my JEE (Main) preparation. It helped in improving my theory and problem-solving skills. Especially the chemistry part was very much effective. I would highly recommend it for every aspirant.

AIR-2 in KVPY SX - Stream 2017

Shreya Pathak
DLPD Roll No.: 16109992

KVPY study material contributed a lot in my success in KVPY. It enhanced my confidence so much that I could easily succeed with AIR 2. The exercises and test papers were very meticulously planned and were very much useful.

AIR-11 in KVPY SA - Stream 2017

Sibasis Nayak
DLPD Roll No.: 14640212

It is sufficient to reach any target in success purely goes to Resonance. It is my suggestion to all, kindly follow Resonance study material and hope for the best. Thank you Resonance once again.

AIR-15 in KVPY SA - Stream 2017

Angikar Ghosal
DLPD Roll No.: 17621922

The breadth of topics covered was of extreme help to me. The material covered the required topics in a short span of time which was key for my success in KVPY exam. The question papers gave me enough confidence to face this exam. I found the online exams for KVPY course really helpful as this gave me a feeling how the online exams actually are. The completed all the online exams before the KVPY exam and my score in the online exams were similar to my actual KVPY exams performance.

AIR-53 in KVPY SA- Stream 2017

Tej Prakash
DLPD Roll No.: 16676230

It has remarkable contribution to my clearance in the exam most of the theory is thoroughly covered and most selective questions are given as well as previous year questions that are foremost important so overall its a must recommend package to be suggested to every kvpy fellowship aspired.

AIR-66 in KVPY SX - Stream 2017

Ashvin Varadharajan
DLPD Roll No.: 16660390

It is sufficient to reach any target in success purely goes to Resonance. It is my suggestion to all, kindly follow Resonance study material and hope for the best. Thank you Resonance once again.

AIR-95 in KVPY SA - Stream 2017

Soumita Hait
DLPD Roll No.: 17626090

Contributed a lot. Cleared my concepts. Theory coverage is very good. Examples provided are of good quality and cover all types of questions. The test series are of quite help in analysing my progress. The DPPs helped me to practise more and more. The study packages provided me with a clear idea of the topics in the syllabus. The interview booklet was of much help in preparing for the interview.

AIR-15 in JEE (Advanced)-2017

Reso Roll No.:16650820

Physics and Maths content were effective and Chemistry text really had everything needed for the exam. In modules solved examples and difficulty level of exercises were good.

AIR-45 in JEE (Advanced)-2017

Reso Roll No.:15655012

The test papers were really helpful and helped me to improve.

AIR-73 in JEE (Advanced)-2017

Reso Roll No.:16657321

It really helped me a lot to clear my doubts and develop my concepts.

AIR-94 in JEE (Advanced)-2017

Reso Roll No.:14659547

The Resonance Distance Learning Programme (DLP) was really helpful and gave a plethora of magnificently prepared questions. The material can of course be spoken of as excellent. The online doubt clearance facility in was really helpful also with respect to the material questions.

AIR-33 in JEE (Main-2017)

Reso Roll No.:15603002

The material is much useful for initial preparation. Good for JEE Main.

AIR-53 in JEE (Main-2017)

Reso Roll No.:16672047

Resonance dlpd helped me immensely to achieve my goal. All the three subjects material was fair enough, but would especially like to appreciate inorganic chemistry, it made the subject easy and understandable. So, I thank the team for creating such wonderful study material.

AIR-68 in JEE (Main-2017)

Reso Roll No.:14610009

I have been using this material since the very beginning of my JEE preparation. It includes a variety of problems and questions from past question papers. Also the AITS helped me to improve my examination temperament. Online doubts solutions, practice papers etc. were excellent services, provided to a student. This is highly recommended for every aspirant.

AIR-73 in JEE (Main-2017)

Reso Roll No.:15610917

Resonance DLP books had excellent questions and the concepts were cleared effectively. According to me, Resonance DLP is one of the best in the country especially for chemistry.

Air -66, Category – GEN SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2016

DLPD Roll No.: 16651419

The distance learning study package for kvpy was an excellent help for me. I live in a remote area but the material has saved my result. Resonance thus has contributed a lot in my success. I suggest this package to anyone who asks me.

AIR - 70 SA-Stream (SC/ST) in KVPY 2016

DLPD Roll No.: 16662015

The study materials were very helpful and online mock test series were brilliant which marked my weak points in each and every subject. These helped me a lot in getting a clear idea about the pattern of exam. I would like to thanks RESONANCE.

AIR - 75 SX-Stream (GEN) in KVPY 2016

DLPD Roll No.: 16650825

The study materials really helped me to have a good score in KVPY. I am very grateful to Resonance for providing this materials.

AIR - 96 SA-Stream (GEN) in KVPY 2016

DLPD Roll No.: 13650598

It gave me confidence through strengthening of basic understanding and concept of the subjects & helped me in realizing my potential.

AIR - 113 SA-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2016

DLPD Roll No.: 16651723

The material helped me immensely to cover the vast syllabus especially in biology.I value your guidance and thank you for your valuable contribution.

AIR - 115 SA-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 12653574

The materials helped me a lot in improving my weak areas and testing myself to a higher level.

AIR - 123 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2016

DLPD Roll No.: 16652679

Material helped a lot in preparation. Interview Booklet and Test papers also helped.

AIR - 150 SA-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2016

DLPD Roll No.: 14651860

Detailed in-depth explanation of theory, adequate solved examples, quality of questions helped to prepare well for KVPY exam. Solutions given of the problems also helped a lot. Interview booklet was helpful to know the type of questions that may be asked.

AIR - 164 SA-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2016

DLPD Roll No.: 16652621

You past year assessment to the entire syllabus was very good direction setting.

AIR-19 JEE(Advanced) 2016

Reso Roll No.:14610742

I am Animesh Bohra I joined Resonance 2 Year Distance Learning Program in class 11. The Study material of Resonance was very helpful and precise, the DPPs provided to me cleared my doubt and helped me build my fundamentals. The tests helped me analysis my mistakes, ultimately helping me clear competitive exams such as KVPY, NSEA, NSEP, NSEC and INPHO. I consider a big role of Resonance in my success in JEE.

AIR-21 JEE(Advanced) 2016

Reso Roll No.:14608502

Resonance DLPs question papers prepared me very well for the actual examination as they were of an appropriate difficulty level. The tests give by Resonance really helped boost my scores in the JEE Advanced as they were of an appropriate difficulty level. The ranking in the All India Test Series gave me a good idea of where I stood. The Rank Booster enabled to revise the entire syllabus quickly before the exam.

AIR-95 in JEE (Main) 2016

Reso Roll No.:14654269

Resonance Rank Booster material was very useful for final revision before JEE EXAM.

AIR-85 in JEE (Advanced) 2016

Reso Roll No.:14651843

DLP materials helped me in minimizing the silly mistakes and error and affectingly utilizing my time during the exam. The DLP materials with its mind twisting problems helped me in sharpening my analytical skills. It also help me in tackling the diverse problems during the actual exam.

AIR-65 in JEE (Advanced) 2016

Reso Roll No.:15655187

Resonance Test Series was very helpful for me to revise whole of the syllabus through test papers . Difficulty level for AITS papers is always on the higher side and which was extreamly helpful for me as the actual JEE paper was also of same difficulty.

AIR - 119 SA-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 15650495

The material gave me correct orientation for answering KVPY questions. The best thing about the course was the online test series which boosted my confidence.

AIR - 11 SA-Stream (SC/ST) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 15651519

The study material has good questions which broadened my concepts and effective coverage of last Years questions helped me understand the type of questions asked in KVPY

AIR - 72 SX-Stream (GEN) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 14615433

The material provided by resonance is satisfactory. It had quality of solved problems. It helped me a lot, to secure a good rank in KVPY and also boosted my confidence.

AIR - 109 SA-Stream (SC/ST) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 11691438

The KVPY study material was extremely clear and concise, target oriented and helped me to learn and revise all the concepts thoroughly.

AIR - 180 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 15610920

Theory is condensed and precise with vast variety of questions. It helped me a lot in my success with good rank.

AIR - 163 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 15654695

The material was good. it helped me a lot to get an idea about the questions that are going to come in the exam and it contained sufficient amount of topics

AIR - 132 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 14617528

The resonance study material is very helpful for those who wish to clear KVPY without having to go through a lot of details, which I think is good. It even helped me with my new preparation without deviating from the conventional syllabus.

AIR - 199 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 15654538

I am thankful and grateful to RESONANCE DLPD Faculty wholeheartedly for my success in KVPY. Material was concise, to the point , self-explanatory and in the wavelength to student’s understanding.

AIR - 225 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 15654438

The Interview Booklet supplied by Resonance really helped me to take the interview confidently and it helped me get through it.

AIR - 245 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 15604713

The material was very helpful in brushing up my knowledge and boosting up my confidence. It provided me with sufficient solved/unsolved problems for Sample practice.

AIR-22 JEE (Main) 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 14652322

It really helped me to prepare the exam in the national level. DLP material and AIOTS series helped me get exposed to some really challenging question which in turn helped me to get a satisfactory result.

AIR-52 in JEE (Advanced)

DLPD Roll No.: 13613479

I am indebted to Resonance who has build my foundation strong as I was a student of PCCP during my IX and X classes. Besides, During XI and XII, when I was preparing IIT JEE, your material found to be very useful in terms of building strong concepts and by attempting good number of questions. Got benefitted by doing exercises given in study materials. Besides that, periodic test which I have undergone was found to be useful in two aspects. First, it help me to benchmark among other good students and secondly it helped me to identify week areas after doing analysis. I worked upon on these week areas which has given good result to me. Thanking you Resonance for supporting me to achieve my objective by cracking IIT JEE advance with AIR 52 rank.

AIR-58 JEE (Main) 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 11683153

Resonance dlp helped me a lot in my preparation for jee mains and advanced.

AIR-62 JEE (Main) 2015

DLPD Roll No.: 12654163

Resonance Packages Provide Full Coverage Of Syallabus Along With Previous Year Questions. The All India Test Series Enables One To Gauge Our All India Performance Effectively.

AIR-89 JEE (Main)-2015

DLPD Roll No.: 13652288

The All India Test series helped me in sharpening my conceptual understanding and problem solving skill.

AIR-94 JEE (Advacned)-2015

DLPD Roll No.: 12613887

Resonance Material Helped me in Revising Syllabus at the Mean Time

AIR-8 SA-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2014

DLPD Roll No.14650360

The maths material in particular was very helpful. The test papers were on similar lines as of the exam, which really helped to get used to the pattern. The question standard was also good.

AIR- 40 SX-Stream (SC/ST) in KVPY 2014

DLPD Roll No.13650389

KVPY Material has increased my understanding in all subject especially chemistry which is no more difficult to me.

AIR- 66 SA-Stream (SC/ST) in KVPY 2014

DLPD Roll No.14652620

I was able to go through the right topics in all the subjects. The past years solved examples were a great boost. The selective areas were wonderful.

AIR- 116 SA-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2014

DLPD Roll No.12653241

The content was very useful for understanding the process of the KVPY interview. Further previously asked questions helped me to understand how to prepare and the solved problems boosted my confidence before the interview. It was a very nice effort and I would like to thank Resonance for it.

AIR- 125 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2014

DLPD Roll No.11681160

I am registered for DPP course from Class VIII (2011) to XIII(2015). DLPD material is excellent any contribute lot for improvement in our success.

AIR- 141 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2014

DLPD Roll No.14653637

Resonance material helped me a lot in preparing for the KVPY interview and exam. It provided me a good insight on various aspects to be considered during preparation and performance. It helped hone my skills so that i can perform to my best.

AIR- 183 SX-Stream (Gen) in KVPY 2014

DLPD Roll No.14617250

I always wanted to join Resonance Kota but due to family reasons I could not do so. But my father bought me this study material which transformed my competitive preparations. The material is very exhaustive and covers each and every aspect of the subject in detail.

AIR-1 in JEE (Main)

Shrinidhi Prabhu
DLPD Roll No.: 11692691

DLPD Resonance study material is one of the best in the country. Their AITS papers are of best quality. Revision packs are excellent. Rank booster, Rank Master, Rank refiner and Ready reckoner are of exclusive in nature. One more important part of Material is DPPs. They are extremely useful for a serious student in achieving the success. Doubt Facility of Resonance DLPD is Excellent.
Definitely recommended for the best students who are interested to get into the best engineering colleges such as IITs.

AIR-21 in JEE (Main)

Srajan Garg
DLPD Roll No.: 12605011

The Resonance course material helped me a lot while preparing for JEE. It is comprehensive and to the point. The AITS Ready Reckoner, Rank Booster helped me in improving last minute preparations.

AIR-33 in JEE (Main)

Manas Gupta
DLPD Roll No.: 13654576

Resonance DLP helped me a lot in achieving this score. The test series not only helped me to meet the tough JEE challenges but also get practice before the real JEE (Main and Advanced). It provided me with a wide variety and varying levels of questions.

AIR-38 in JEE (Advanced)

DLPD Roll No.: 13624570

Writing good quality tests helps one to develop temperament. Resonance AITS build HP of difficulty from easy to hard be really creditable. The DLPD responds quickly.

AIR-56 in JEE (Advanced)

Kushagra Madan
DLPD Roll No.: 13605673

Resonance AITS helped me to compete with others at a national level. Also the type of questions asked helped me in preparing myself for the exam.

AIR-77 in JEE (Advanced)

Kishalay Raj
DLPD Roll No.: 12650241

Resonance has the best DLP course in the market. It is balanced in all senses and provide a complete coaching experience to the student. It is neither too easy nor too difficult, just parallel to the current JEE levels. By hint of this DLP i got different type of problems to solve.

AIR – 01 (SX STREAM) (GEN), in KVPY-2013

Kushagra Madan
DLPD Roll No.: 13605673

Resonance DLP helped me to prepare for the interview and get an idea of the type of questions asked.

AIR-18 (SX STREAM) (GEN), in KVPY-2013

Shrinidhi Prabhu
DLPD Roll No.: 11692691

This material is very good for all competitive exams. Lot of quality material has been given and I am sure that any student who practices this will attain success.

AIR – 93 (SX STREAM) (GEN), in KVPY-2013

Niranjan Prasad M
DLPD Roll No.: 12651902

The question bank gave me a lot of practice before the exam. The past year weightage of chapters gave me a lot of help.

AIR – 97 (SX STREAM) (GEN), in KVPY-2013

Ishan Agarwal
DLPD Roll No.: 12607338

High contribution. Helped me thoroughly revise in a time effective manner. Mock tests were very good and gave a feel and simulation of the real exam.

AIR – 21 (SA STREAM) (GEN), in KVPY-2013

Prakhar Gupta
DLPD Roll No.: 12654278

The question bank gave me a lot of practice before the exam. The past year weightage of chapters gave me a lot of help.

AIR – 60 (SA STREAM) (GEN), in KVPY-2013

Manumitraan K
DLPD Roll No.: 13652567

Helped me to cover the chapters in a concise. Quantity of problems in exercise was sufficient in Study Material.

AIR – 100 (SA STREAM) (GEN), in KVPY-2013

Mahim Goyal
DLPD Roll No.: 13652743

The question bank gave me a lot of practice before the exam. The past year weightage of chapters gave me a lot of help.

AIR - 9

Reso Roll No – 12653744

Helped a lot in revising concept & finalizing preparation. Resonance material helped me a lot in revising concept & finalizing my preparation. The syllabus covered in the material as well as the quality of the material was more than sufficient for my preparation of JEE(Advanced).

AIR - 10

Reso Roll No – 11613090

The DLP material has good quality questions and it gave me a good practice on each topic. It indeed had contributed a lot in my success in JEE Advanced. One thing I would like to specially mention about the material is that it was errorless.

AIR - 15

Reso Roll No – 12650135

"The quality of solved/unsolved examples in the sheets of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are superb”

AIR - 38

Reso Roll No – 12627792

Resonance dlp is one of the best in the country. It’s coverage of past years problem’s is unparallel to DLP of any other institute in the country.

AIR - 39

Reso Roll No – 12625821

The vision of director Sir Mr. R.K.Verma & the DLP material specially that of Chemistry will prove to be more than sufficient for your JEE(Advanced) preparation.

AIR - 50

Reso Roll No – 12625729

A very big credit goes to RESONANCE. It helped me very much in improving my rank. Regular exercise and practice helped me achieving AIR-50.

AIR - 56

Reso Roll No – 12655223

It was a complete package which helped me to revise my theories and give a final touch to my preparations. Even the departmental service of Resonance DLP division is excellent.

AIR - 64

Reso Roll No – 12612178

Resonance DLP's are one of the finest DLP's and they have contributed a lot in my success in JEE. The material is complete in itself and does not require any changes.

AIR - 72

Reso Roll No – 12627148

Resonance DLP has helped me a lot in my success in JEE(Advanced). It’s unsolved exercises and question bank has helped me to check my preparation.

AIR - 74

Reso Roll No – 12624729

The DLP material meant a lot to me, without it, it might have been impossible for me to clear JEE-Advanced. The difficulty level of the unsolved exercises / test papers in the sheets is good and it prepares you very well for the real thing.

AIR - 78

Reso Roll No – 12627715

Level of problems asked in AITS (All India Test Series) were very good and it helped me a lot in securing excellent rank in JEE Advanced.

AIR - 12

Reso Roll No – 12652445

Good study material & prompt services has helped me in preparation of JEE(Main) exam. Specially in Chemistry the content as well as the syllabus coverage of the material is more than sufficient.

AIR - 15

Reso Roll No – 12610269

The rank booster material greatly helped in my preparation. Resonance has the quality as well as quantity of problems in it’s material which helps you in your effective preparation for the main exam. Rank Booster material was also very useful.

AIR - 36

Reso Roll No – 11610016

The Resonance study material was extremely useful. The theory was covered in great detail and there were good examples to help understand the concepts. The problems were challenging, which helped me to think differently.

AIR - 92

Reso Roll No – 12625751

Resonance DLPD has contributed a good role in my success in JEE MAIN and ADVANCED. The services of DLP department was also excellent.

Gen Category Rank: 61 (SA-Stream)

Reso Roll No - 12614724

Resonance test series helped me a lot in knowing my position in the country, and also in improving it. The questions present in the test papers helped me to give my best in the main KVPY exam.

Gen Category Rank: 88 (SA-Stream)

Reso Roll No - 11680194

Resonance DLP material made me acquainted with the pattern of the question paper and helped me in answering the conceptual questions asked during written exam & interview.

Gen Category Rank: 122 (SA-Stream)

Reso Roll No - 12600280

Really my success in KVPY is only due to Resonance DLP. I was also preparing for IIT and it was very difficult to study for KVPY until I took Resonance DLP. Thanks a lot Resonance.

Mentorship Category Rank: 91 (SA-Stream)

Reso Roll No - 12614723

The Resonance material was quite informative and the coverage of previous year questions was excellent. Even the mock test were confidence booster before the final exam. This is the only institute which provides mock test for KVPY. The study material is adequate for KVPY preparation.

Mentorship Category Rank: 189 (SA-Stream)

Reso Roll No - 12650586

The previous years problems coverage gave me a lot of confidence to appear in KVPY. The interview workshop was outstanding and mock interview groomed me for the actual interview round.

Gen Category Rank: 60 (SB+2/SX-Stream)

Reso Roll No - 12652445

The content of the material especially in Physics & Chemistry helped me a lot in getting KVPY scholarship. The quality of problems in all the subjects was excellent.

Gen Category Rank: 332 (SB+2/SX-Stream)

Reso Roll No - 12614712

I took Resonance DLP material for preparation of KVPY SA stream last year, but I marginally missed the scholarship, this year also I kept my confidence in Resonance material and took SB+2 material and qualified for scholarship.The Resonance material has the best details in the best form.

Gen Category Rank: 26(SB-Stream)

Reso Roll No - 12651619

I had already completed an intensive coaching of medical entrance, but when it came to KVPY preparation I referred only Resonance DLP material. It was only because of my laziness I ended up with 26th rank, as after preparing with Resonance material I was confident to score the 1st Rank.

AIR - 17

Reso Roll No - 11625363

All India Test Series added a lot to my practice for IIT-JEE.

AIR - 24

Reso Roll No - 11625356

Resonance test series realy helped me in my confidence building as it is thoughtfully designed to match the level of IIT-JEE.

AIR - 37

Reso Roll No - 11605748

The test series of resonance are very similar to IIT-JEE pattern. This help me to get mentally prepared for the final exam.

AIR - 48

Reso Roll No - 1082606

The Study Material cleared my concept all through the two year. The test kept me aware of competition & Revision Package helped in the few days before IIT-JEE.

AIR - 67

Reso Roll No - 1051943

The test paper & Revision packages have helped me to revise in a better way.

AIR - 68

Reso Roll No - 11690123

Resonance Test Series was very helpful for my IIT-JEE preparation. It is the only test series that I believe is of the level of the current IIT-JEE paper.

AIR - 97

ADITYA Nambiar
Reso Roll No - 11687162

The course has helped me reinforce my concept & thus helped me understand the subject better.

AIR - 100

Reso Roll No - 11624853

Regular test were very helpful for preparation in the last few days of IIT-JEE. The material was excellent & helped a lot in my prepration.