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Subject covered :Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Biology,Social Science,English.


Subject  Contant
 Physics Motion & Measurement of Distances ,Electricty & circuit, Light,Shadows & Reflections, Fun with Magnet, Universe, answerkey
Chemistry separtion of Substances, fibre to Fabric, Sorting Materials into groups, Physical & chemical Changes , Answerkey
Mathematics Knowing our numbers, Whole number, playing with numbers, Integers, Fraction,Decimal, indroduction to algebra, Ratio Proportion, basic geometrical Ideas, Understanding Elementry Shapes, Symmetry, Mensuration, data hanling & Graphs, answerkey
Biology Body Movements,Food,Getting To know Plants, answerkey
Social Science Civics, Geography,History, Answerkey
English Adjectives, Nouns, Part of speech, pronouns, Verb, Modals,Determiners,Tense,Preposition,Adverb, Conjuction,Interjection,Auxilliares,Subject Verb agreement,Answerkey

Olympiads Question Bank - VI
Prepartion for Olympiad exams.
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