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NSEJS - Online All India Test Series 

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Test Schedule & Syllabus


INJSO (IJSO Stage 2 ) Test Syllabus
Test Date Test Type Physics Biology Chemistry
8-Dec-19 PT-01 Electricity Genetics, Nutrition, Respiration Mole Concept , Equivalent Concept
15-Dec-19 CT-01 Electricity, Light, Motion & Relative Motion Biomolecules, Genetics, Nutrition, Respiration Mole Concept, Equivalent concept, Periodic table
22-Dec-19 PT-02 WEP, NLM & Friction Biotechnology, Transportation Acids, Bases & Salts, Metals & Non-Metals
29-Dec-19 CT-02 Electricity, Light, Motion & Relative motion, Work Power Energy, Newton’s Law of Motion, Friction,Heat, Unit Dimension & Surface Tension Biotechnology, Transportation,Biology In Human Welfare Mole concept, Equivalent Concept, Periodic Table, Acids, Bases & Salts, Metals & Nonmetals, Gaseous State, Chemical Equilibrium
5-Jan-20 PT-03 Wave Motion & Sound, Fluid Immunology, Cell Biology, Reproduction Ionic Equilibrium, Qualitative Analysis, Thermodynamics
12-Jan-20 PT-04 Magnetic Effect of current & Electro Magnetic Induction, Gravitation Ecology+ c & c + Diversity  Thermodynamics, Chemical Bonding,Structure of Atom
19-Jan-20 FST Full Syllabus Test Full Syllabus Test Full Syllabus Test
25-Jan-20 FST Full Syllabus Test Full Syllabus Test Full Syllabus Test









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IJSO ( Stage -2) Online All India Test Series [19-20]
8 Tests. Get All India Rank, Detailed Performance Analysis, Each online test with hints & solutions Take Free Mock Test
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