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Science Olympiad Question Bank - VII ( 19-20)
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Product Name Science Olympiad Question Bank - VII ( 19-20)
Science Olympiad Question Bank , Topic wise Previous Year Question Papers with hints & solutions.
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Product Detailed Information

Science Olympiad Question Bank 

This book covers the topics wise fundamental concepts through summary of each topic and develops logical problem solvin g skills through questions given in exercises.

It covers previous years questions of NSO Exam in each chapter.

Chapters covered :

Physics :Measurement,Motion & Time,Heat,Sound,Electric Current & Its Effect,Light,Winds, Storms & Cycle Ones,Universe,

Chemistry :Fibre to Fabric,Acid Bases & Salt, Physical & Chemical Changes,Water A Precious Resouces.

Biology : Nutrition in Organisms,Weather,Climate & daptation,Respiration,Transportation,Forest Our LifeLine,Soil,Reproduction,Food,Movement In Animals.

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