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NEET- Study Material Package with DPP Files (2 Yr.) [19-20]
Product Features
Product Name NEET- Study Material Package with DPP Files (2 Yr.) [19-20]
Study Material, Daily Practice Problem Files
Product Price Rs 9900
Release Date Released
Scholarship Available Yes
Availability In Stock
Product Class
Product Medium
Scholarship Category
Product Scholarship
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Rs 0
Payable Amount
Rs 9900
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Product Detailed Information

1.Study Material Package

  • Comprehensive Study Material with deep extensive coverage of theory to ensure coverage of syllabus for building a solid foundation and clarity of concepts.

  • Solved examples followed by unsolved practice exercises for CBSE,NEET

  • An exercise of past Year problems asked in CBSE,NEETexams with complete solutions.

  • Advance level problems exercise with complete solutions.

  • 100% Solutions of the problems asked in Practice Exercise.Approx. 40% in Modules itself. Remaining solutions at student corner at DLPD website. 

  • Academic Doubt Resolution facility at Student Corner at DLPD website.

  • Class XI Material will be dispatch this year and class XII material Next year.

2. Daily Practice Problems File (DPPs file):
  • DPP is a set of problems of multiple topics to understand the concepts after covering the theory part of those topics.

  • Original DPPs of classroom program students.

  • Designed in a way to increase problem solving skills and a great tool for regular practice of problems.

  • Structured in a way to facilitate revision of previous topics along with current topic.

  • Available as DPPs file for Physics, Chemistry ,Biology for NEET pattern problems in the month of July.


  1. Student can claim refund of Scholarship for these undeclared results within 20 days of declaration of results (Class X Board score/ NTSE/HBCSE ).
  2. No refunds will be entertained after 20 days of result declaration.

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