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Olympiads Question Bank - VIII
Product Features
Product Name Olympiads Question Bank - VIII
Prepartion for Olympiad exams.
Product Price Rs 170
Release Date Released
Scholarship Available No
Availability In Stock
Product Class
Product Medium
Scholarship Category
Product Scholarship
Scholarship Amount
Rs 0
Payable Amount
Rs 170
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Product Detailed Information

Subject covered :Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Biology,Social Science,English.


Subject  Contant
 Physics Force & Pressure,Light,Wave Motion & Sound,Friction ,Chemical Effects of Electric Current,Night Sky,Answerkey
Chemistry Metals & Non-metals, Fibres & Plastics , Combustion, flame & Fuels, Coal & petroleum, Answerkey
Mathematics Squares & square Roots, rational number, Cube & cube Roots, Exponents & power, Playing with numbers, Algebric Expression &Identities,Linear Equation in one Variable,Direct  & inverse variantion, Quarilateral, mensuration, Answerkey
Biology Cellular level of Organization,Microorganism,Reproduction in Animals,Reacning the age of adolsence,Conservation of Biodiversity,Crop production & management, Answerkey.
Social Science Civics, Geography,History, Answerkey
English Adjectives, Nouns, Part of speech, pronouns, Verb, Modals,Determiners,Tense,Preposition,Adverb, Conjuction,Interjection,Auxilliares,Subject Verb agreement,Answerkey

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